Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Same covergirl still...

Stardoll is way lazy, StRaWbErlX1 has been CG for a while now :P
nice for her, but unfair the all the people who spend loads of sds trying to be covergirl..

x tiina---

Friday, 1 January 2010

More archive and rares!

More Archive will be released soon!

Rares there too, like the Alexander Knight cluch. x
The people who own it should probably try to sell it for cheap now..:P

The Sparkle black top is also pretty rare ( worth 40 sd or so).

Credit: Underneath Stardoll

Not fair?

As u know the Faith hill dress in worth alot and a rare item in stardoll, not anymore!

Stardoll re-relased it and it only costs 16 sds!
To alot of people this is good news to get a 100 sd worth dress for 16 sd..

Will stardoll just keep re-relasing rares? What next RC or old brands? :s
This isen't fair for collectors who have payed hundreads (even thousands for mary kate and askey..)

Happy New year! : D

Happy New year to everyone :)

Hope this year will be fun and exiting! x