Sunday, 27 September 2009

October HOT hot buys picks :)

My favorites are the bags, necklace and the hipsters^^

Miss Sixty is back!

I am so happy :)
I love almoust all of them! But they are a bit pricy?

New E&J?

I love the last year elizabeth and james collection, i wonder if a new one will be out soon? ( :
<-- here are some pictures of the 09 collection!

What do u think?
Check out more at:

For the Stardoll's Most Wanted comp!

This outfit is for the hotbuysbazzaar comp (Stardoll's Most Wanted), hope u like it!



Get your before it is gone :)
sry no pictures i am on the school computer.........

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Math game?

Have u tried the new game in stardoll? It is pretty easy, but I am suprised how little pints I get!
I am 14 so that is embarasing... Anyway I think it is great cause it is probably the easiest game to get the daily 5 sd :)
I still get way better points in the fashion game.. what does that tell about me..:P


There are new non-superstar (yipii!) clothing on stardoll!
They are really cute! They are in honour of Avril Lavignes new perfume "Pink Star".
thank u stardoll!

Click here to get the in your shopping cart:

happy shopping! :D


What do u think? I personally think the pattern is kindof cool, but this isen't something I would wear in real life :) Luckily there is stardoll...

New hot buys?

Guess stardoll was too lazy to come up with new bags, so tadaa let's use the khols bag again..Didn't think we would notise? ( :
Comment please!

this again?

So once again the new hot buys item is in sale for 2 prices..
well u better hurry up if u want it cheaper, stardoll won't keep the cheaper one around for long... :P


The new KHOLS has just come out!!
Shop quick, cause they are only in stores for a limited amount of time...
I picked my own favs from all three collections ( :